Spanish nationalists protest for “peace, unity and common sense”

A week after the Catalan Referendum on October 1st, Spanish nationalists in London were calling to ‘bring back the common sense’ (#RecuperemElSeny).

This protest was controversial because Societat Civil Catalana, who organised it, are often linked to Spanish fascism and the main protest, in Barcelona, received the support of far-right movements.

The rally in London was rather peaceful and family-friendly, with people of all ages and no fascist symbols whatsoever, just chants calling for ‘peace, unity and common sense’ mainly in Spanish and also in a badly-spoken Catalan, and English.

The protest included a celebration of culture with people dancing ‘sardanas’ – the traditional Catalan dance – and ‘sevillanas’ – the flamenco dance, commonly speaking – or singing Mediterráneo, Amigos Para Siempre, Viva España and even Macarena.

It remains unclear how many protesters there were actually the “silenced minority” of Catalans against independence that Societat Civil Catalana aims to represent and how many were Spanish expats or visitors from the rest of the country, showing support to the Spanish nationalist cause.

The videos and all the pictures were taken with a Huawei P9 smartphone and the full video was edited together with FilmoraGo (Android). You can watch all other mobile journalism (or ‘mojo’) experiments I did on this playlist or here, on my blog.

Author: Oriol Salvador

Journalist in the age of new media. Pop culture nerd and social media Jedi. Over ten years of experience producing, managing and distributing digital content on online platforms and social media channels.

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