How to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails?

The secrets to create custom thumbnails that boost views and watch time while keeping a consistent visual identity for your channel.

When YouTube users make the decision to watch a video, even before they read the video title or identify the uploader, the first thing they see very often is a little window with an image as a preview of the video. If that’s the first thing viewers will associate with your video, you should put some extra effort into making it, don’t you think?

In the process of uploading a video, you can choose one of the three still images automatically taken from somewhere around the introduction, middle and end of your video. However, using one of this three would be a lazy decision that could impact your channel negatively.

Do better: upload a custom YouTube thumbnail that includes an attractive image with additional information to, ultimately, get more clicks and, consequently, more views, watch time and a better engagement indicator for your video and for the channel, overall. Thumbnails are also a great way to keep a consistent branding and visual identity across your channel, to make all your videos easily identifiable on search results, suggested videos, etc.

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The keys to a successful YouTube channel

Success on YouTube is not only defined by the production value of your videos. Data optimisation and analysis are important, too.

You can have a beautifully shot video that is informative, entertaining or educational but — unless you are considering the specific requirements of YouTube, making the most of all the available features and looking at the analytics regularly to get some data-based feedback on your channel performance — it will be really hard for you to become a successful youtuber and make your channel a sustainable long-term business, no matter what kind of content you are producing or who is your target audience.

Use the following best practices to manage and optimize your YouTube channel: learn how to make a video that works specifically for YouTube, optimize all the necessary metadata and use of all the metrics available on YouTube Analytics to improve your strategy. Continue reading “The keys to a successful YouTube channel”

5 mistakes to avoid as a YouTube Channel Manager

From forgetting about SEO to ignoring the data on YouTube Analytics, these are common mistakes to avoid followed by best practices.

YouTube is king (or queen) of the Internet when it comes to watching videos online. The video hosting service, founded in 2005, grew to become the second largest search engine after Google, its parent company since 2006. Therefore, YouTube is the essential platform to promote your brand, products and services through video.

In just a single minute, 400 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube, according to a keynote by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at VidCon 2015. With so much competition, how can your content stand out?

Actually, nobody has the answer (sorry!). YouTube’s algorithm is a mystery, but tests have proven that overall watch time, video title, description and even the Likes/Dislikes ratio will affect the position of your videos on search results, related videos, recommendations… On top of that, the algorithm also considers each user’s watch history, preferences and more. Not easy, right?

My message here is that your video content itself is as important as optimizing it for YouTube through metadata, playlists and more.

If you are struggling with it, fear not! Get in touch and I can help.

Barring that, here are five common mistakes that you shouldn’t make as the person responsible for managing a YouTube channel.

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Women’s March in London: TIME’S UP!

The Women’s March was revamped this year under the motto that Oprah Winfrey and many more female celebrities in the Hollywood film & entertainment industry popularised recently to tackle the issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace: TIME’S UP!

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Spanish nationalists protest for “peace, unity and common sense”

A week after the Catalan Referendum on October 1st, Spanish nationalists in London were calling to ‘bring back the common sense’ (#RecuperemElSeny).

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“STOP repression in Catalonia!”

On Tuesday, the 10 Downing Street (London) was the location for a protest against police repression and to defend people’s right to choose in Catalonia, after the attempt to celebrate a referendum last Sunday.

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London protest in support of the Catalan Referendum

Catalan expats organised a demonstration in support of the independence of Catalonia and against the police brutality lived during the referendum for independence.

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