📺 YouTube management & optimization

YouTube is the most popular platform for video on-demand but, with hours of content uploaded every minute, standing out can be challenging. As an expert on this video-sharing platform, I optimize existing video content and devise tailored content strategies for YouTube channels to become sustainable long-term projects . Revising all the channel metadata, SEO, resolving copyright issues, enabling all the monetization features available or setting up TrueView campaigns to boost viewership are just some of the areas I can focus on, wether it is for a new or an established channel.

I can…
🛠️ Manage and optimize channels.
Generate engaging content repurposing existing content.
Monetize content efficiently, when eligible.
Distribute music on YouTube.
Resolve copyright issues within the platform.
Understand analytics to identify trends.
Share YouTube content in other social channels.

In the past, I have been certified by YouTube on Channel Growth, Audience Growth, Digital Rights and Content Ownership.

Before working on the channels of The Coast, My East Coast Experience, Mosaic Festival or Modest Tree, I worked for two years at the boutique network MAGNETIC, where I managed channels that have thousands of subscribers and millions of views, mainly in the music space: Mahogany Sessions, Lyona, PALM Pictures or Rough Trade, among others.

Independently, I helped the channels Partiu Intercâmbio and Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra and I shared my expertise in a series of new blog posts that you can also find on LinkedIn and a guest talk for SEOBrunch.

Examples of my work:

My professional experience on YouTube started at the UK-based video network MAGNETIC, working primarily with channels in the music space, but also film and photography:

The YouTube channels network under MAGNETIC included channels like Mahogany Sessions, DistillerTV, Tram Sessions, PALM Pictures, Rough Trade or Lyona. These channels have thousands of subscribers and collect millions of views. Services included audience growth strategies, channel optimisation and copyright management, among other services.
As the Account Manager for the Spanish filmmaker & illustrator Lyona, I helped her optimising a catalogue of more than a hundred music videos she directed, dealing with copyright management on YouTube and finding the best ways to share videos on social media while optimising revenue.

Independently, I work for non-profits such as Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra or Top Manta, the union of street vendors in Barcelona, helping them manage the channels and define their strategy.

Non-profit Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra (“Our house is your house”) aims to change policies in the European Union to welcome refugees and migrant workers. Videos are in Catalan, Spanish and English. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign called for amnesty for all migrant workers, with a focus on essential migrant workers. This video accumulates over 10,000 views in the three languages, combined. The campaign included Instagram Lives that were later repurposed on YouTube.
Top Manta is the commercial brand for Barcelona’s street vendors union. Through a strong keyword search to optimise SEO, using translations and captioning, to have the same video link for three different languages, this cinematic presentation of their new fashion line accumulates close to 10,000 views.

I’ve also helped creators such as Bruna Amaral from Partiu Intercâmbio. This Brazilian channel has information about scholarships, exchange programs, living abroad and travel.

When I started helping Bruna, Partiu Intercâmbio had less than 3,000 subscribers. After applying different optimisation best practices, uploading videos more regularly, the channel is now close to the 100,000 subscribers milestone.

Recently, I optimised the channel of The Coast and its video content archive:

I optimised The Coast’s video archive of close to 200 videos on YouTube, prioritizing the most popular ones that still generate views to this date. Organized content in playlists and sections, uploading and optimising every new piece of video content coming to the newsroom. Through this work, the channel reached 1,000 subscribers.

While working as Media Strategist for My East Coast Experience, I was responsible for the distribution of videos from the Mosaic Festival 2020 and the Most Inspiring Immigrants In The Maritimes gala in 2021.

Through a professional live stream by Atlantic Live Stream, the Mosaic Festival in 2020 reached a broader audience of +300 viewers worldwide. Videos of each performance were later optimised as separate pieces. A similar approached was used to share the opening and closing ceremonies of the Mosaic Film Festival, a few months later.
The virtual gala, produced by Atlantic Live Stream, was originally broadcasted through a private platform for attendees only. Later, each part of the gala, including music performances, were uploaded as individual videos. Through SEO analysis and utilizing other resources on YouTube, music performances reached over 70,000 views collectively, becoming the most popular content on the channel.

In 2020, as COVID-19 shifted workplaces to working from home, I managed the production and distribution of a series of live webinars showcasing the software Modest3D Xplorer.

In the early days of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Modest Tree shifted its sales strategy 100% to online. Utilizing all features for live stream, a series of webinars were scheduled to present the features of the company’s software. Through SEO, these videos ranked high on very specific keywords that mattered to the company’s desired costumer.

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