“STOP repression in Catalonia!”

On Tuesday, the 10 Downing Street (London) was the location for a protest against police repression and to defend people’s right to choose in Catalonia, after the attempt to celebrate a referendum last Sunday.

Clearly biased towards a support to Catalan independence, the protest was organised with the support of the international delegation of CUP, pro-Catalan independence political party, and Marea Granate, Spanish expats aligned with Spanish left-wing political party Podemos.

Catalans UK – Casal Català de Londres and the delegation of the Catalan National Assembly in England didn’t support it but a numerous representation of British socialist organisations did, calling out Mariano Rajoy’s policies and making proclaims against Theresa May and her conservative cuts on social services. Ironic, since the Catalan movement for independence is lead by a conservative government who does the same cuts on social services in Catalonia.

During the protest, similar proclaims, flags and placards to what was seen in the streets of Catalonia on the same day for a countrywide strike (#VagaGeneral3O): chants for independence, the Catalan national anthem and the “L’Estaca” (The Stake), a metaphor calling for the fall of Franco dictatorship in the late ’70s used now to sing against the questionable democratic regime that followed Franco.

The videos and all the pictures were taken with a Huawei P9 smartphone and the full video was edited together with FilmoraGo (Android). You can watch other mobile journalism (‘mojo’) experiments on this playlist or here, on my blog.

Author: Oriol Salvador

Journalist in the age of new media. Pop culture nerd and social media Jedi. Exploring the potential of technology and media to deliver information and entertainment through digital platforms.

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