Journalist in the age of new media, with a significant experience creating and managing content for web, social media and online video, exploring the potential of technology and social media to deliver information and entertainment to global audiences. I’m efficient, well-organized, creative and able to communicate fluently in English, Spanish and Catalan.


“(Oriol) has played a significant role as a digital marketer in the way my content is distributed on social media and especially on YouTube.”


“He has capacities to provide dynamism and new ideas in new areas of journalism.”

Oriol Gironès (Casa Asia)

“He’s covered a variety of arts and cultural events (…) and has provided quality work, despite English not being his first language.”

Brendan Kergin (The Omega)

“There are not many people like him, who combine attitude, aptitude and desire to learn, in a short time Oriol Salvador became a key piece in the newsroom.”

Bruno Sokolowicz (scannerFM)

(More recommendations on Linkedin)

I have more than ten years of professional experience in different roles in the media sector. I started as a media production assistant, later moved to tasks of music promoter, writer, web editor and social media manager. Most recently, I’ve been focusing on online video, mainly YouTube, and its potential to engage with audiences that stopped consuming traditional media. I was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), followed my studies in Spain, Canada or Belgium.

I’ve been writer and editor for the indie music radio scannerFM, the travel blog Erasmus en Flandes or the international organisation Casa Asia; I’ve managed social media channels for the beer brand Estrella Damm and the travel website Culture Trip and, in March 2016, I joined the boutique video network Magnetic, where I manage and optimise YouTube channels for different clients, mainly in the music industry.  I’m currently working at LaMagnética, an agency that provides digital strategies based on data analysis. Feel free to check out my Linkedin or contact me for details.


YouTube: Channel Growth, Audience Growth, Digital Rights and Content Ownership.
Hubspot: Growth-Driven Design, Social Media, Content Marketing and Inbound.

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