Journalist in the age of new media exploring the potential of technology and media to deliver information and entertainment through digital platforms, working in these key areas:

📝 Content Creation & Management
📱 Social Media & Community Management
📺 YouTube Management & Optimisation
🎬 Media & Events Production
🗓️ Project Management
🦄 … and more!

Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.

I’m based in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

📝Content Creation & Management

From journalistic stories to blog posts and other types of content like interviews, scripts, presentations or social media posts. I have the capacity to come up with original ideas and turn them into engaging and shareable content that conveys a desired message. My advanced knowledge of HTML code tags and web design basics always comes in handy to manage and publish web content using WordPress or other content management systems.

I have bylines in English, Spanish and Catalan on The Omega, Erasmus En Flandes, scannerFM, MyVuelingCity, Casa Asia or Culture Trip. My capacity to develop branded content was proven on my work for HARTMANN Group (Tiritas®), “la Caixa” Banking Foundation (Participa Méliès) or Barcelona’s public transit operator, TMB.

📱 Social Media & Community Management

Let me work with you on building, engaging and growing online communities for your brand, media company or any other organization, as I’m always looking for the latest trends and trending topics to  generate online conversations, stand out from the competition and connect with a desired audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. From setting up a strategy to copywriting, I have a holistic approach to social media that can boost a business or product. Additionally, and this is more specific for video-based projects, I can share and implement a series of best practices on how to share YouTube content on social media in order to increase your views, watch time and overall engagement.

On the following links, I gathered tweets that I made for the indie music radio scannerFM, the travel website for students Erasmus en Flandes, the beer brand Estrella Damm or the travel website Culture Trip. Moreover, I have produced live coverage for social media of newsworthy events, like the Women’s March or the protests in London for the Catalan referendum in 2017 and cultural events like the music festivals Primavera Sound or Sónar.

📺 YouTube Management & Optimisation

Video is the most engaging form of content on the Internet these days and YouTube is the second largest search engine, only after Google. As an expert on this video-sharing platform, I optimize existing video content and devise tailored content strategies for YouTube channels to become sustainable long-term projects . Revising all the channel metadata, SEO, resolving copyright issues, enabling all the monetisation features available or setting up TrueView campaigns are just some of the actions I can focus on, either as an in-house channel manager or as a consultant, running an accurate audit of your channel.

I’m certified by YouTube on Channel Growth, Audience Growth, Digital Rights and Content Ownership. In the two years working at MAGNETIC, I managed channels that have thousands of subscribers and millions of views, mainly in the music space. Independently, I also helped the channels Partiu Intercâmbio and Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra. Most recently, I’m sharing my expertise in a series of new blog posts that you can also find on LinkedIn.

🎬 Media & Events Production

My earliest professional experiences were being part of the production teams for ads, TV shows, music videos, short films and music events,  dealing with contracts and permits, finding and coordinating human and technical resources or troubleshooting on the go, when needed.

My credits as a Producer/PA include ads for Pepsi and Vodafone, the short film Doll Hospital, the music video for Quand T’es Pas Là (Lydia & Sebastien) or the pilot episode of the show Secret Tourist (BBC One). In relation to music events production, I organized small-venue tours for the indie bands Heal the Last Stand & Byron Bay, I have also worked as Communications Manager for the street music festival Busker’s Festival Barcelona.

🗓️ Project Management

Many times, on my varied working experience, I have been designated to lead specific projects: preparing proposals, reaching out to potential clients or liaising with the existing ones, coordinating teams and ensuring that deadlines were met on time.

For example, my work as a blogger for Erasmus en Flandes was a one-man job: I was coming up with new content ideas, researching, scheduling and conducting interviews when needed, writing, filming and taking photographs, publishing and sharing all the content on the blog, YouTube channel, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook, and reporting back to the Project Coordinator, monthly. Later on, while working at MAGNETIC, I was designated as the Project Manager for some of the channels we were managing, like London’s music store Rough Trade.

🦄 … and more!

The are other fields where I have basic experience, but I would like to explore further in the future, including data analysis, SEO, paid media (SEM and Social Ads), growth-driven design or UX writing.


“He has the capacity to provide dynamism and new ideas in new areas of journalism.”

Oriol Gironès (Casa Asia)

“There are not many people like him, who combine attitude, aptitude and desire to learn, in a short time Oriol Salvador became a key piece in the newsroom.”

Bruno Sokolowicz (scannerFM)

“He’s covered a variety of arts and cultural events (…) and has provided quality work, despite English not being his first language.”

Brendan Kergin (The Omega)

“Oriol demonstrated knowledge and experience writing and editing content for digital platforms, contributing with relevant and interesting stories about the city of Ghent.”

Jorinde Verpoorten, Visit Flanders

“His ability to engage with online communities and exceptionally manage social media content was crucial for the growth and success of our partners’ YouTube channels.”

– Eva Knoll, Magnetic

“(Oriol) has played a significant role as a digital marketer in the way my content is distributed on social media and especially on YouTube.”


“Meticulous, and a unique insight into YouTube analytics. Strongly recommend 👍”

Mark Murdoch (Mahogany)

(More recommendations on Linkedin)


I have more than ten years of professional experience in different roles in the media and music sector. I started as a media production assistant, later moved to tasks of music promoter, writer, web editor and social media manager. Most recently, I’ve been focusing on online video, mainly YouTube, and its potential to engage with audiences that no longer consume traditional media.

I’ve been writer and editor for the indie music radio scannerFM, the travel blog Erasmus en Flandes or the international organisation Casa Asia; I’ve managed social media channels for the beer brand Estrella Damm and the travel website Culture Trip and I worked for the boutique video network MAGNETIC, where I managed and optimised YouTube channels for different clients, mainly in the music industry. Most recently, at the agency LaMagnética, I was responsible for the content strategy of the medical brand Tiritas® (HARTMANN Group) and the educational project about the origins of cinema Participa Méliès (“la Caixa” Banking Foundation), also offering support to Hola Barcelona – the services for tourism from the main public transit operator in Barcelona – on copywriting, social media and community management.

I’m efficient, well-organized, creative and able to communicate fluently in English, Spanish and Catalan. I was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain) but, due to work and studies, I have also lived in Canada, Belgium and the United Kingdom.


YouTube: Channel Growth, Audience Growth, Digital Rights and Content Ownership.
Hubspot: Sales Software, Growth-Driven Design, Social Media, Content Marketing and Inbound.

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